UVI – Organic Pads (Falcon Expansion) (SOUNDBANK)

Soundbank from the Falcon Expansions series. Organic Pads are a collection of expressive sounds designed to meet the unique needs of modern production. Discover a comprehensive solution that explores the world of continuous and evolving sounds in the Falcon ecosystem. Consisting of 100 handcrafted patches divided into 4 categories (Light, Dark, Mystic and Natural), Organic Pads offer a varied and extensive palette of styles for you to explore.

Each Organic Pads patch has an XY morph section that allows you to interactively mix and shape sounds from 4 different sources (sample, synthesis, noise and texture). Additionally, each patch has been created using custom macros and delay and reverb controls, ensuring you get a result that perfectly matches your expectations.

Explore ever-changing worlds of movement, texture and color. As with every Falcon expansion, you have the freedom to change the patch structure, where you can completely deconstruct and change the included sounds.

This collection highlights the versatility and quality of Falcon’s sound through numerous synthesis and sound design techniques, as well as the use of effects and modulators. Falcon’s semi-modular architecture allows sounds to be viewed, edited, layered and played back in the blink of an eye, with almost infinite variations.

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