PreSonus – Studio One 6 Professional v6.5.1 x64

Everything you need for recording, producing, mixing, mastering and performing. Studio One 6 lets you create quickly and easily with new smart templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, a customizable user interface, and powerful integrated tools.

Smart templates. Quick starts.
Quickly launch essential workflows for mixing, recording, mastering, beat making, or simply playing a virtual instrument, all with one click.

Make a beat?
Load a smart template with template editing already open and only the features you need visible.

Mix audio?
Open a smart template loaded with strips of your favorite channels and a drag-and-drop area to quickly load stems.

Just started?
Each smart template contains step-by-step instructions in a dedicated tutorial window to help you with your first production.

Drag and Drop Everything:
Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to audio recording, Studio One’s innovative drag-and-drop workflow will make every creator’s workflow faster and easier.

Add audio loops, virtual instruments and effects:
Drag and drop plugins, audio files, and more from Studio One’s innovative browser. Studio One creates tracks for you!

Copy Effect Chains:
Drag each insert from one channel to another!

Extract chords and tempo maps:
Any source can become a source of inspiration with a simple drag and drop.

Upload and upload files to and from PreSonus Sphere workspaces using drag and drop.

Sound Replacement:
Replace drum sounds with samples by simply dragging the original track onto the Impact XT track.

Customizable User Interface:
The all-new Settings Editor lets you view only the tools you need for the task at hand, creating a custom user interface that works for you, and you can save your unique customization settings for instant recall.

Beginner Settings:
Default settings are available for basic workflows, so you can start with just the features you need and add new tools as you’re ready to learn more.

Advanced Settings:
Create your own settings from the default settings and hide almost all the tools or features you don’t need to get rid of distractions anytime.

Release Notes (November 01, 2023)


  • The Speaker Mapping feature in the plugin header now allows you to switch channels using drag and drop.
  • Restored vertical snapping when dragging events to other tracks.
  • [Linux] Warning that the audio device is being used by another application.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • [Bit Crusher] Downsampling sounds different after reactivation.
  • [DAW Mode] StudioLive S-Series mixer freezes when loading a song with >100 channels.
  • [DAWproject] Some audio fragments do not stretch in time.
  • [Linux] Freezing when creating a composition from a smart template with audio files.
  • [Linux] Graphic glitches with temporary cursor and animation.
  • [Linux] JACK and ALSA devices block each other.
  • [Linux] Problems with file system permissions in shared data folders.
  • [macOS] Crash when right-clicking on a channel when another channel with a review attached is selected.
  • [macOS] Multi-channel option for AU plugins is not shown if available.
  • [macOS] Possible crash when dumping a large number of chords into an instrument track.
  • [macOS] Possible crash when downloading some image files.
  • [macOS] Video thumbnail creation may stall if the source file contains invalid data.
  • [Console] The break indicator does not light up.
  • [Note Editor] “Legato” should not in all cases extend note events to the end of the movement.
  • [Pattern Editor] Text input of the number of individual steps is broken.
  • [ProEQ?] When you switch the quality mode, the band frequency changes.
  • [Show Page] The lyrics of the next song are not automatically displayed in Performance View mode.
  • [Surround Delay] Possible error when navigating through presets.
  • [Surround Panner] When the channel focus changes, the ControlLink device’s focus is disabled.
  • [Windows] The Enter key does not insert a line break in the Lyrics Editor.
  • [Windows] The GUI in some third party plugins is not fully responsive.
  • [Windows] Macro Page commands do not use the Macro Page of the currently focused area.
  • [Video] Some exports do not work when Dolby AC3 is installed.
  • Presence XT “Artist Instruments” presets are not displayed.
  • Audio file channels cannot be displayed.
  • The Automation node popup does not automatically focus on the data field.
  • You cannot drag a crossfade audio event onto a chord track.
  • Canceling the Multi-Instrument’s “Transform to Audio Track” does not remove all bounce.
  • Some third-party panners do not appear as surround panners.
  • Some Dante PCIe-R cards fail to initialize.
  • Chords with a diminus of 7 are not recognized.
  • The Export Spatial Audio dialog settings are not saved when all check boxes are cleared.
  • When editing Lyrics events, the display does not update.
  • “Manage Plugins” does nothing when the browser shows search results.
  • When merging audio events, clip boundaries are not preserved.
  • MPE Note Off is generated immediately after Note On.
  • Incorrect routing of multi-channel plugins with certain speaker settings.
  • Changing the note size stretches the automation of the part.
  • The open panning state is not restored after loading a song.
  • The Solo extension does not work for plugin groups.
  • Possible crash when exiting the application while searching the file system.
  • Possible crash when switching from Atmos to Surround in the Song Setup dialog.
  • 50% quantization does not move notes individually.
  • Renderer channel does not expand when double-clicked.
  • The selection does not fully occur when empty instrument tracks are selected.
  • Selection skips tracks after closing a folder.
  • Track preset “SkyDust3D” reloads incorrect output configuration.
  • Surround Delay presets are not displayed after installation; manual re-indexing is required.
  • Canceling the “Move to Cursor” command permanently damages Part Automation.
  • Unexpected results when editing multiple crossfades at the same time.
  1. Uninstall the previous version.
  2. Install Studio One.
  3. Launch Studio One.
    Close the login window and start offline login.
  4. Run our keygen on Windows > Copy MachineID to the keygen.
  5. Generate licenses.
  6. Authorize StudioOne using “studioapp*.pro.license”.
    If you want to authorize StudioOne5, your choice is “”.
    Authorize extensions using other licenses.
    If you want to authorize PreSonusHub, please copy “presonushub.license” to
    “%PROGRAMDATA%\PreSonus\PreSonus Hub\”
  7. Enjoy!

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