Acustica Audio – Plugins + Framework

A set of plug-ins from Acustica Audio.

  • Framework for plugins.


  • Fire The Pump
  • Black Bundle
  • Amber 3

Before installation, remove everything official from the developer in order to avoid a ban, because Aquarius is tracking.

In the Acustica Audio\Framework folder there are two folders – Framework-Official and Framework-R2R. You can copy any folder of your choice (later it will be clear where to copy). The difference is that the Framework-Official folder contains the official files, while the files in the Framework-R2R folder have been edited by R2R. Personally, I copied the files from the Framework-R2R folder and followed the experimental path. Everything works great. All the best!

Lazy installation:

  1. Install the Framework
  • Install the w_dpcpp_cpp_runtime_p_2024.0.0.49848.msi package from the Acustica Audio\Framework\Framework-R2R folder
  • Create a folder with the final path C:\Users\@USERNAME@\AppData\Roaming\Acustica or use the file Make_APPDATA_Acustica_Dir.cmd from the Framework folder
  • Copy the files from the Acustica Audio\Framework\Framework-R2R folder to the C:\Windows\system32 folder
  1. Install the plugins.
  • Select the folder with the required plugin format. Move the selected folder to the appropriate system directory. Copy files from the !COMMON folder to the final plugin format folder in the appropriate directory system. For example, you copied the VST3 folder from the Fire The Pump folder to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3. Now the files from the !COMMON folder need to be moved there. I hope it’s clear.

Installation for advanced users:

In essence, everything is the same, but instead of copying to C:\Windows\system32, we create a folder with the final path in C:\Program Files\Acustica\Framework, copy the files from the Acustica Audio\Framework\Framework-R2R folder to C:\Program Files\Acustica\Framework and in environment variables add this folder to PATH

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