UVI – Modular Noise (Falcon Expansion) (SOUNDBANK)

Soundbank from the series Falcon Expansions. The Modular Noise expansion pack leverages Falcon 3’s advanced capabilities and synthesis architecture, which includes 20 oscillators, over 100 effects, and a fast, intuitive GUI capable of handling simple tasks as well as advanced instrument designs.

To work with the bank you need: UVI – Falcon v3.0.1

All presets are programmed with macros that provide easy access to the key parameters of each patch. They can be controlled via MIDI, OSC or host automation, making setup easy and delivering impressive performance.

Each Modular Noise patch is created using custom macros that provide precise control over the sound for complete exploration of the space. Add reverb and delay to highlight your sound, or open the Edit tab to access the patch structure, where you can easily enhance it or completely reshape it to suit your inspiration.

This collection highlights the versatility and quality of Falcon’s sound through numerous synthesis and sound design techniques, as well as the use of effects and modulators. Falcon’s semi-modular architecture allows sounds to be viewed, edited, layered and played back in the blink of an eye, with almost infinite variations.

Explore the combination of semi-modular software and modular Eurorack system with 100 Falcon presets covering bass, arpeggios, sequences, drums and more. With a distinctive sound design, Modular Noise offers an inspiring selection of patches that will open up the sonic vistas of your productions with the uncompromising sound of analogue filters, plasma distortions, waveform generators and numerous oscillators and effects tools, modulators and Falcon scripts.

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