Hit ‘n’ Mix – RipX DAW PRO v7.0.0-DAW

RipX DAW PRO adds award-winning Audioshop tools and the Harmonic editor for the most precise audio editing available to create an AI DAW with unlimited possibilities. Also included are two additional panels: Repair for fast, non-destructive audio cleanup, and RipScripts for writing custom tools.

RipX DAW PRO comes with all the features of RipX AI DAW, then adds advanced stem cleanup and audio manipulation tools to your workflow so you can create the highest quality extracted audio and customize/create audio with unprecedented levels of detail. Think of it as a built-in Izotope RX package.

RipX DAW PRO adds the following features and more:

  • Award-winning Audioshop ® tools for quickly and easily fixing and cleaning up recordings
  • Non-switchable audio editor for cleaning up noise separately from high-pitched sounds
  • Powerful and unique harmonic editor for unrivaled audio editing
  • RipScript scripting language for creating and customize your own instruments

Gain unprecedented control over notes, harmonics, and unplugged audio—all in a powerful, easy-to-use click & drag interface.

Audioshop ® Audio Tools

  • Powerful and fast pitch adjustment, time stretching, copying and pasting of individual notes or groups of notes, hisses and unmuteed sounds.
  • The Edit Unsent Audio tool displays all the unsent audio distributed throughout the entire rip, from top to bottom. Click and drag to select and edit the area of ​​unsent audio.
  • Draw notes, drums and samples onto your rip using the Draw Sound tool.
  • Use the Split tool to divide your notes into sections for further editing.
  • Merge notes so you can edit them as a whole using the Merge tool.
  • Clone characteristics such as pitch changes (such as vibrato), sound (timbre with volume), and note transitions, such as to replicate the playing style of a real instrumentalist, using the Clone tool.
  • Fine-tune pitches and slides with a simple click and drag using the Draw Pitch tool.
  • Add pitch, formant, volume, and pan variations to your notes using the Apply Template tool.
  • Mix the pitch, formant, timbre, volume and/or stereo panography of notes by clicking and dragging them with the Smooth Area tool.

Harmonic Editor

This is not a basic spectrum editor – these are the actual harmonics that describe the sound of a note, and the harmonic editor allows you to have full control over them.

Ideal for removing noise, adjusting tone, and creating interesting new sounds.
Audio Cleanup and Restoration

Real-time audio restoration and cleanup features to remove background noise, limit foreground artifacts, reduce tones and hum, and clean up high-pitched and non-pitched sounds.

Adjust overtone levels in notes and even restore fundamental harmonics to bring back the bass presence in vocals and instruments lost during mixing and mastering.

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