Image-Line – FL Studio Producer Edition v21.2.3 Build [4004]

FL Studio is a complete software environment for creating music or digital audio workstation (DAW). With more than 20 years of innovative development, it combines everything you need to compose, arrange, record,
edit, mix and produce professional-quality music.

Advanced Audio:
Multi-track audio recording Time stretching and pitch bending during editing.

Industry-leading piano role editor MIDI recording and control of pattern or linear workflow.

Mixing and effects:
Multi-track mixer Control automation Support for VST plugins.

Mix and mix music to the highest professional standards. All the features you need to create today’s most complex products, including effects chains, audio sends, sidechain control, advanced automation, plug-in latency compensation, and more…

Piano Roll:
Pianoroll in FL Studio has a well-deserved reputation as the best Piano Roll in the business. Piano roll is used to transfer notes and automation data to connected instruments (sequencing). It includes a wide range of tools for complex editing and working with scores.

Browser and Playlist:
No other DAW can match the flexibility of FL Studio’s playlist. Sequence all elements of the project to create the final composition. Tracks can contain notes, audio, and automation. Place any type of data anywhere and even overlay it on top of each other. Use the Browser to organize all the data in your project. Free your workflow and your mind!

Instruments and FX:
If the huge number of native instruments and effects isn’t enough for you, FL Studio supports all VST 1, 2 and 3 standards. VST provides access to the widest range of third-party plug-ins. You can even use FL Studio itself as a VST plugin in another VST host.

Vector UI:
Change the size and position of the user interface.

Automation recording and editing:
Real-time recording and editing of control movements.

VST/ReWire support:
Use FL Studio as a VST plugin or with ReeWire.

Designed for touch control.

Live DJ Control:
Powerful live performance capabilities, clip trigger.

Advanced Help:
Context-Sensitive Guide (press F1).

MIDI Learn:
Powerful MIDI controller binding capabilities.

Visualizer Effects Plugin:
Render 4K video directly from FL Studio.

General information

Type: Just install..
Languages: en, de, es, zh.
Activation: WD patch.
Additionally: themes.

Command line options
Silent installation: /S
For example: FL Studio v21.2.3 [4004].exe /S

  1. Install FL.Studio.v21.2.3 [4004].exe
  2. Install

a) Edison Declipper Windows.exe
b) FL Cloud mastering Windows.exe
c) Stem extractor Windows.exe

Released [6th Feb 2024]

Bug Fixes

  • 17147 Saving valid project files can sometimes fail.
  • 17137 Crash when looping playback while recording audio to a playlist.
  • 17138 Patcher: hangs when selecting presets for the plugin.
  • 12382 A black rectangle is visible when cloning tracks.
  • 16908 Audio clips for extracted stems are not the correct length.
  • 17019 Audio recording may create empty undo records if none of the mixer tracks are enabled.
  • 17027 Automation Channel: The Convert to Event button deletes all other events in the current pattern.
  • 16980 Browser search in selected folder does not work as expected when displaying columns.
  • 17093 The browser stops displaying search results when dropping a sample on the playlist track header.
  • 16862 It is not possible to paste audio from the clipboard into an empty channel window.
  • 16986 ‘Convert targets to events in current template’ does not work for third party plugin options.
  • 16962 The application store has crashed.
  • 16979 Crash when loading a project and searching in the browser when displaying columns.
  • 17032 Browser preview crashed.
  • 17103 Error when recording audio clips to a playlist.
  • 17060 Error when recording two channels with the same names.
  • 16983 Crash when opening the mastering window.
  • 16008 ‘Cut self’ in channel settings does not work when notes are triggered on the parent layer’s channel.
  • 17043 Blank window when the Internet connection is lost during mastering.
  • 12251 Missing * before preset names when changing the knob after hiding the plugin window.
  • 16899 Notes copied from one channel to another are affected by the wrong channel’s piano roll.
  • 17018 There is no undoing of channel color changes for audio and automation clips in the picker panel.
  • 16842 There is no override for the “Open in (new) audio editor” and “One-click audio recording” toolbar buttons.
  • 16884 Pasting audio from the clipboard into sampler channels does not work when there is a project folder.
  • 17044 MIDI Out instrument track channel patcher adds many invalid undo entries.
  • 16975 Patterns inserted before another have a length of 1 tick when added to a playlist.
  • 16895 Pressing Alt+F8 in the browser does not work if the Sounds tab is open.
  • 17024 The project data folder in the browser does not work after renaming the project.
  • 16989 Replacing an instrument track MIDI Out does not assign a mixer track.
  • 16970 Oscillator replacement for MIDI Out instrument track adds invalid undo entries.
  • 16930 When resaving an archived project into a new archived project, a “multiple samples” warning appears.
  • 11723 Shift + left or right arrow does not move clips and notes enough when changing time signature.
  • 17064 Tempo automation causes errors in the Sounds panel.
  • 16976 The audio clip menu does not appear when the Slice tool is selected.
  • 16900 Folder color and icon revert to default when searching in the browser.
  • 16849 Cannot import the first track of a MIDI file of format 1.
  • 16850 The MIDI file import window does not appear if you hold Alt while clicking the File > Import > MIDI File button.
  • 16892 The browser preview pane is displayed when no item is selected.
  • 17030 Tools > Sounds does nothing when the browser is hidden.
  • 13175 Undoing the removal of child channels of a layer channel does not add them back.
  • 16839 Uploading rendered files to SoundCloud does not work if the title is empty.
  • 16996 When saving a project to a disk with little free space, some data is lost.
  • 16972 Drumaxx: Crash when canceling pad rename.
  • 17001 FLEX: Packages loaded through the FL Studio browser are not updated.
  • 17016 FLEX: Some presets do not load all their samples.
  • 16870 FPC: Crash when canceling DirectWave preset import in monolithic mode.
  • 16867 FPC: Stuck when importing DirectWave presets in monolithic mode.
  • 16903 Love Philter: Some envelope points move more than they should when selecting multiple points.
  • 17013 Maximus: Linear mode and oversampling may change cutoff frequencies.
  • 17014 Maximus: Tilts do not work when linear phase is enabled.
  • 10192 Maxx plugins do not skip keypress when disconnected.
  • 13803 Maxx plugins do not close the Preset window after selecting a preset.
  • 15702 Maxx plugins do not display user presets and folders in the user data folder.
  • 16595 Morphine: WAV, WavPack, Ogg and FLAC files compressed in the Vorbis format cannot be opened.
  • 15359 Patcher: From and To nodes return to default position after reopening the plugin window.
  • 12364 Patcher: Native generator plugins show audio input node when they don’t have any audio inputs.
  • 17098 Sawer: clicks when polyphony is limited.
  • 17099 Sakura: Overlapping notes do not always stop.
  • 17010 Sytrus: Crash when selecting main tab after blocking harmonics on another tab.
  • 8925 Wrapper: Song position reported to plugins is not updated during playback when delay changes.
  • 17047 Wrapper: error when opening a project with a plugin connected.
  • 16922 + 16929 Wrapper: Time signature information is incorrect for VST, VST3 and AU plugins.
  • 16960 ZGE Visualizer: error when deleting elements in the image list.
  • 17086 ZGE Visualizer: error when using ‘Enable Internal controllers’.

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  1. who the hell drops a cracked DAW with no installation note. The stem extractor does not work and ask you to download

  2. I download it via bit torrent using a magnet link, no problem.
    your link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:dcac716ddfa096fb5309394ea037ad17ddf627a4

  3. Stem Extractor can be flagged by antivirus (Totally False Positive)
    Antivirus is the enemy for pirates.
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