Ableton – Live 12 Suite v12.0.10 x64- DAW

Whatever music you make and whoever you are, there’s always something new to explore in Live. Find out how you can become even better with Live 12.

Play freely with ideas

MIDI Transformations:

Create simple or complex variations of MIDI clips, add ornaments and articulations, draw acceleration and deceleration curves, connect successive notes and chords, or simulate guitar strings.

MIDI Generators

Create melodies, chords, and rhythms with the new MIDI generators. Give your generator custom constraints, watch it create playful and original patterns, and then bring your ideas to life.

Max for Live MIDI Tools

Now Max lets you experiment even more by creating new MIDI transformations and generators – both based on existing ones and based on your own creations.

MIDI Editing Enhancements

Arrange selected notes by pitch, velocity, or duration. Stretch, split, chop, or connect notes in new ways; change the speed of notes; transpose them on a scale; add intervals chromatically or in a key.

Keys and scales

Set the scale of a selected clip in Live’s control panel to see its notes in any clip you create. Then edit the clip using the scale selection as a guide, use the clip scale to morph and generate musical ideas, or sync the scale of MIDI devices and instruments to the clip you’re playing. Any changes you make in Live will be reflected in Push, and vice versa.

Advanced probability

Assign a single probability rule to a group of notes so that the entire group of notes plays when the trigger fires. Or pick a chord and ask Live to randomly play a single note from it when the probability trigger fires.

Embrace and explore tunings

Follow your favorite tuning systems or try out others. Work beyond the 12-tone equal temperament system and access tunings using Live’s devices as well as any MPE-enabled plug-in.

Work more intuitively

Live’s detailed Stack views

View devices and the Clip Editor or automation side by side, so you can work without having to switch views.
View styling

Live 12’s cleaner, more minimal look removes visual complexity and lets you focus on the music.

Arrangement Mixer

Live’s Mixer, previously only available in Session View, can now be used in Arrangement View. Toggle it on or off using the Mixer View Control in the lower-right corner or via the View menu, and customize it independently of the Arrangement Mixer.

Mixer Enhancements

Live’s mixer has also received visual improvements that make it more accurate for making detailed mixing decisions, as well as easier to read and navigate.

Browser tags and filtered search

Search for sounds in the browser without the limitations of Live’s built-in categorization. This means that when searching for bass sounds, you’ll see all the bass sounds in your Ableton library, whether they’re samples or instrument presets.
Live 12’s audio content also has a new system that’s a more flexible alternative or complement to Collectoins in the sidebar. All sounds, including packs, are now tagged with intelligent tags to make them easier to discover and find later, but if you need more detail or just want to use your own tagging method, you can also add your own.

Search by sound similarities

Start with a sample and have Live’s browser find similar sounds and tutorials using machine learning algorithms.
Drum Rack swappinq – Swap all the samples in your Drum Rack with similar ones to cleverly try out new percussive textures – like a drum machine with’s seemingly endless kits.

Browser history

Trace your steps, see and hear sounds or gifts you previously searched for – Live’s browser now lets you trace your browsing history, just like the web browser.

Accessibility and navigation improvements

Screen reader support – Visually impaired musicians can now access essential Live workflows using screen readers or other assistive technologies.
New keyboard shortcuts – Use new keyboard shortcuts to navigate almost every section of Live.

New themes

Choose from new themes and customize them with in cool, neutral or warm tones, and even in high contrast mode.

New Features and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Live would not restore a kit after a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where Live would sometimes display missing license information for samples used in a Default, Restored, or Template Kit.
  • Fixed an issue where Max for Live would not authenticate correctly when launching Live.
  • Live’s authorization code has been revised and simplified (without changing functionality) and now uses JSON format for the unlock file.

64PadLabbyMadZach r38594 v1.0
BeatSelectionbySampleMagic r56200 v1.0
Bomblastic r56108 v1.0
BrassQuartetbySpitfireAudio r59560 v1.1
BreakbeatsbyKutMastaKurt r32873 v9.0
BreakSelectionbySampleMagic r36457 v1.0
BuildandDrop r59726 v1.2
BuildingMaxDevices r58236 v1.0
CVTools r59665 v1.9
ChopandSwing r59744 v1.3
ConvolutionReverb r59648 v1.6
CreativeExtensions r59729 v1.3
CyclicWaves r32903 v9.0
DesignerDrums r32877 v9.0
Digicussion1 r32873 v1.0
Digicussion2 r32873 v1.0
DM-307AFreePackbyHeavyocity r39430 v1.0
DMARP2600DrumsbyFlatpack r34923 v9.1
DroneLab r59743 v1.1
DrumBooth r59731 v2.0
DrumdropsRecordingHybridKit r33783 v1.0
DrumEssentials r59476 v1.1
DrumMachines r32873 v9.0
DriveandGlow r59735 v1.4
ElectricKeyboards r59537 v1.3
GlitchandWash r59747 v1.2
GoldenEraHip-HopDrumsbySoundOracle r59787 v1.1
GrandPiano r59474 v9.3
GuitarandBass r59672 v9.0
GranulatorIII r59779 v1.1
InspiredbyNaturebyDillonBastan r59776 v1.5
KJSawkaMadBeatz r32873 v9.0
KonkreteBreaks r32873 v1.0
LatinPercussion r59728 v9.0
LostandFound r59753 v1.1
M4LPluggoforLive r32873 v1.0
Microtuner r59451 v1.5
MoodReel r59721 v1.3
OrchestralBrass r58979 v9.0
OrchestralMallets r58986 v9.0
OrchestralStrings r59574 v9.0
OrchestralWoodwinds r58991 v9.0
PerformancePackbyIftah r59791 v1.1
PitchLoop89 r59666 v1.2
PunchandTilt r59734 v1.2
RetroSynths r46529 v9.0
Samplification r56196 v9.1
SessionDrumsClub r59727 v9.2 SessionDrumsStudio r59751
Singularities r49122 v1.0
SkitterandStep r59745 v1.4
SolidSounds r28796 v9.0
SoundObjectsLite r32873 v9.0
StrayCatsCollectionbyMaxforCats r51641 v1.1
StringQuartetbySpitfireAudio r59561 v1.1
SynthEssentials r59599 v1.2
TheForgebyHecq r32903 v9.0
TrapDrumsbySoundOracle r59788 v1.1
UnnaturalSelection r32873 v9.0
UprightPianobySpitfireAudio r59471 v1.1
VibrationsbyModeAudio r51393 v1.0
VoiceBox r59724 v1.2

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