Production Music Live – Stil vor Talent x PML Artist Pack Vol.1 – Cioz

This is the best set of Cioz samples collected in one place. If you’ve ever seen him perform his own songs live, you’ll feel his energetic, positive, and kind-hearted spirit. In his first set, he managed to capture that airy and groovy feeling over 210 loops. You will immediately want to create your own track. All loops are set to 122 bpm and all melodic/harmonic loops are in A minor.
Audio Files 44.1 kHz, 24 Bps
210+ Loops
Shaker: 48
Percussion: 46
Synth Themes / Songstarters: 56
Guitar licks: 10
Synth Grooves: 24
Bass Lines: 20
Ambiences: 10

100+ One shots
Kick: 15
Hihats: 8
Clap / Rim: 22
Percussion: 22
Ride: 6
Shaker: 21
Tom: 13

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