Wrongtools – Crouching Fingers (KONTAKT)

Crouching Fingers is a sample library of KONTAKT instruments inspired by martial arts games and films 80 -s and 90s. The game is inspired by the battle sounds of iconic vintage game consoles DX7, C64, Juno60 and Amiga. These are dangerous tools. The sounds were recorded on VHS tapes with different input levels. The brutal world of Crouching Fingers is waiting for you!

We took inspiration from the fighter films & Amiga games we’ve grown up with. Mashed it together, and created a library with a deadly punch. With some help from an Amiga, a JUNO-60, a DX7, some empty cassettes and a VHS tapemachine.
Combat sounds that will send bad-guys flying through glass windows.
Recreate the feel of from 80s c64 games and Fighter movies with Crouching Fingers: The essential Lo-fu music-generator.
Within the Sculpt [FX] patches, paranormal haunts and supernatural events will occur randomly throughout the notes.
The tweak page gives an overview of the advanced controls that are available.
Create randomization within the sounds from the Sound-Sculpt [FX] menu
Crouching Fingers will lead you down a path of split kicks, intrigue and danger.
This library doesn’t replicate the sounds, but pays tribute to the styles forged with modern equipment.

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