Spitfire Audio – Spitfire Symphony Orchestra v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)

Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, recognized by the world’s finest composers, includes a full complement of symphonic strings, symphonic winds and symphonic woodwinds, including solo instruments, plus harp, piano and all the essential percussion elements needed to complete the orchestra, giving your music a professional sound that makes it stand out compared to others.

Recorded in Lyndhurst Hall, at AIR Studios, London, performed by a gold generation of musicians who have featured on some of the top film scores of the last decade. This definitive selection of blockbuster sounds are some of the best, most classic recordings by Spitfire Audio, a set of flagship virtual instruments which are already used by the worlds top composers and music-makers, and have already played a part in the productions of the hundreds of AAA film, game and TV scores over the past decade.

Symphonic Strings
60 of the worlds best

The strings in this library captured has been created with 60 of the world’s finest strings players — 16 1st violins, 14 2nd violins, 12 violas, 10 cellos & 8 basses — performing over 175 articulations, including 9 legato patches programmed by Andrew Blaney, and presented with four versatile microphone positions.

  • 60 top London string players
  • 175 articulations, including 59 shorts, 94 longs, & 9 legatos
  • Multiple dynamic layers and round robins
  • Diverse and detailed with essential, additional and some totally unique articulations for individual sections
  • Legatos designed by Andy Blaney
  • A comprehensive selection of specially curated ‘Ensemble’ patches, over 100 unique players layered to give up to 300+ musicians in a single patch.
  • Ostinatum mode
  • Four mic positions: C(lose), T(ree), A(mbient) & O(utriggers)

Symphonic Brass
Bold, detailed and powerful

  • The world’s finest brass players
  • A broad band covering solo, chamber, symphonic and cinematic instrument groups
  • The full range of brass instruments, from classic to lesser known
  • Multiple dynamic layers and round robins
  • Diverse and detailed with essential and unique articulations, including performance legato
  • Ostinatum mode
  • Four mic positions: C(lose), T(ree), A(mbient) & O(utriggers)

Symphonic Woodwind
Timeless, melodic and expressive

  • World class woodwind players
  • From traditional piccolos, flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons to a contemporary selection of instruments, from alto, bass flutes, bass clarinets, contrabass clarinets and a thunderous contrabassoon
  • A broad band covering both solo and a2 sections — combine both to create your a3 sections.
  • Expertly sampled with the most comprehensive selection of articulations, dynamic layers and round robins available in any woodwinds library, including performance legato
  • Ostinatum mode
  • Four mic positions: C(lose), T(ree), A(mbient) & O(utriggers)

Percussion, Piano and Harp
The definitive orchestral extras

  • This comprehensive orchestral percussion library performed by award-winning percussionist Joby Burgess
  • This vast array of percussion instruments features, 9 tuned, 13 drums, 12 ‘toys’, from agogo to shakers, 14 unpitched metal instruments, and 3 unpitched wood instruments
  • Harp performed by London’s leading harpist Skaila Kanga, featuring a comprehensive range of articulations and pedalling, with glisses in every key
  • Orchestral Grand Piano is a very realistic “contextual” piano designed specifically to fit proudly within your full orchestral arrangements
  • Percussion, piano and harp mic positions include C(lose), T(ree) & A(mbient), with piano also featuring O(utriggers)

AIR Lyndhurst Hall
The Crown, Wonder Woman 1984, The Trial of The Chicago 7, James Bond, Interstellar, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, Gladiator — all were recorded in Lyndhurst Hall at London’s AIR Studios, Spitfire Audio’s spiritual home and a room where blockbuster scores are born. Architecturally unique, the acoustic properties of the interior of Lyndhurst Hall are renowned globally, loved by composers and musicians alike.

2 Comments on “Spitfire Audio – Spitfire Symphony Orchestra v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)”

  1. I couldn’t find piano anywhere.
    Something missing from this library (319.47 Gb), original has 340 Gb.
    It’s a great share, but 20 Gb is missing.

  2. As far as I could see, watching the video presentations, the Legacy folder is missing. What can be seen on the Spitfire Audio website is that the size of the library is 345 Gb, not 319.47. Does anyone know what the Legacy folder contains and what size it is.
    Thanks in advance.

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