Techivation – M-Bundle VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64 – Mixing

Get all six Techivation M-series plugins at a discount and take your sound quality to the next level. Designed to the highest professional audio standards, these plugins leverage outstanding audio and software technologies to help you speed up your workflow and dramatically improve audio quality.

  • M-Blender v1.0.0: Creates space in the mix by removing interfering frequencies between tracks. It uses true spectral processing to dynamically allocate space for the sidechain signal and prevent frequency masking. Now you need minimal effort to achieve an exceptionally clean mix.
  • M-Clarity v1.1.2: Dynamic resonance suppression plugin designed to suppress unwanted muddy, boxy and harsh frequencies and resonances in any sound. It combines simplicity and power, using a unique spectrum shaping algorithm to produce accurate results.
  • M-Compressor v1.0.3: An advanced spectral audio compressor that provides both downward and upward compression, providing dynamic processing of any sound without distortion. It features dynamic thresholds that provide balanced compression across the spectrum, without over-compressing low frequencies or under-compressing high frequencies.
  • M-De-Esser v1.0.1: Equipped with revolutionary spectrum shaping technology that flawlessly removes harshness and sibilance from any source with amazing transparency and precision. Elevate your tracks with pristine treble balance. Try it and you will like it!
  • M-Loudener v1.1.3: An excellent tool for increasing volume while maintaining dynamic range and clarity. Get ready to create more headroom for your tracks with ease!
  • M-Puncher v1.0.0: The key to creating punchy mixes with deep bass response. Customize the beat character of your track with Dynamic Limiting – find the perfect balance between boost and harmonic richness of attack. Packed with features like midrange processing, auto gain, and frequency selective analysis, this tool is perfect for taking your mixes to the next level.

Uninstall previous versions.

Block access to the following hosts.

Otherwise you will lose your license.

2.If you want to change the license email address,
go to the R2R folder, open the “Activate_*.bat” file in a text editor and change the email address.

  1. Run Activate_*.bat.


Although our release is not a patched binary + real keygen,
there is magic in our installer.
Our keygen only works after installing the R2R package.
Of course, once you have registered a valid license,
retail updates should work as is (until the developer adds keygen detection).
Always uninstall the previous version before installing the new one.

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