Accentize – dxRevive Pro v1.1.0 VST3, AAX x64

dxRevive is a universal speech restoration plugin designed to improve the quality of recording various dialogues. Unlike many other restoration plugins, dxRevive doesn’t just filter the signal. It goes further by identifying and restoring missing frequency components, resulting in studio recordings from a variety of source materials.

Noise Removal:

Reverberation Suppression.
Restoring missing frequencies.
Removing codec artifacts (for example, when recording via Skype or Zoom).
Restoring cut sound.
Applying spectral corrections.
Restoring audio with a limited frequency range, such as telephone recordings.


highly optimized neural network.
dxRevive uses highly optimized algorithms based on artificial neural networks. All processing occurs locally, without transferring data to the cloud and without the use of special equipment.
No need for delays when downloading or sharing protected audio!


A global speech database.
Our algorithms have been trained in a wide range of languages. They are exposed to the diverse linguistic nuances and accents of speakers from around the world using our specially recorded speech database. Regardless of the type of input speech, dxRevive restores all the subtleties of pronunciation with high accuracy.

100% local processing.
Handling multiple speakers/languages/accents.
Efficient operation with one button.
Studio sound algorithm.
Algorithm for preserving the sound character.
Spectral focusing mode for fine tuning to different frequencies.
Presets “Phone Recovery”, “Low-End Recovery”…
quick comparison AB.

The latest version of dxRevive has improved all algorithms, providing even better results and efficient audio processing. Changes include new and improved algorithms, as well as fixes to eliminate clicks and pops at the beginning and end of processed audio fragments, improved handling of high-frequency voices to prevent robotic artifacts, improved retention of high-frequency components, more stable synthesis for missing low frequencies, and more efficient use of the processor.

Introducing New Algorithms:

Studio 2 (dxRevive + dxRevivePro)

The next generation of our original Studio algorithm, designed to produce the desired studio sound with improved high-frequency processing. This update benefits some audio recordings, especially those above 4 kHz, providing excellent clarity and detail.

Natural (dxRevivePro exclusive)

A brand new add-on that offers background noise removal, reverb and frequency restoration with minimal EQ manipulation. Natural is designed to more closely match the original recording, providing a more authentic restoration.

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