Synth Blade – MONOLITH (Retro, Synthwave) (DIVA)

Explore retro-futuristic the world of true analogue sound. This pack features carefully customized presets that combine classic analog tones with modern textures achieved through precise modulation and effects work. These patches have intentionally small imperfections such as detuned oscillators, pitch wobble, detuned and slightly offset delays, filter distortion, noise and more, making them sound even more detailed, textured and analogue.

The sounds in this pack are suitable for a wide range of genres such as Synthwave and Synthpop, Electronica and even Synth Ambient. This pack will also be a great addition to your sound collection if you are a film composer who often uses synth sounds. These sounds are not tied to musical trends and are designed to suit both retro and modern productions.
The name MONOLITH is a reference to the iconic monolith from the 1968 sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey and to vintage synthesizers such as the first Moog modular designs, which feature a monolithic design and monumental sound design capabilities. These synths can sound retro and futuristic at the same time and look like they’re a prop from an old sci-fi movie. The goal was to capture that retro-futuristic character in these presets, and I did this by first creating vintage-sounding patches that I then modulated further to give them a new direction and interesting character.

  • 100% royalty free!
  • Works on all DAWs that are Diva compatible!

100 u-he Diva Presets with 2 prepared effects each + assigned mod wheel:

  • 30 Bass (BS)
  • 19 Leads (LD)
  • 23 Pads (PD)
  • 19 Arps, Plucks, Keyboards (ARP)
  • 09 Stutters (ST)

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