Synth Blade – PLASMA (IDM, Future Bass) (SERUM)

PLASMA features 42 synth patches designed to create warmth. Heavy modulation effects, digital smoothing and analogue saturation textures, gritty noises, and expertly distorted and detuned oscillators help you make bass music impactful, lush and pleasing to the ears.

Like most of my packs, this one can also be used in a wide range of electronic music genres, the most suitable being Electronica/IDM, Future Bass, Synthwave and soundtracks/cinematic scores that need lush and dirty synth sounds.

In this collection of 42 patches you’ll find impressive loud and dirty bass, exciting lush leads, dies and keys, deep live pads and other glitchy synths with heavy modulations.

  • Works on all DAWs compatible with Serum.
  • 42 Premium Presets for Serum
  • SYNTH BLADE Analog Wavetables Vol. 1 + Vol. 2
  • 46 Serum noise samples

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