Lens Distortions – Statement

Instead of bombarding you with quantity, we think it’s better to provide an organized a set of the best and most useful effects … sounds that work great on their own and blend well with each other.
You can use Statement SFX to create whole soundscapes at the heart of your films or just to complement audio in any project.

The sounds in this library are modern, bold and clear with a slight hint of futurism. A combination of powerful effects that accentuate great moments and subtle nuances to tease emotions, Statement SFX gives you the sounds you need to leave your mark.

• 120 Original Sound Effects
• 480 Variations
• 6 Distinct Categories: 01 Risers, 02 Hits, 03 Whooshes, 04 Accents, 05 Undertones, 06 Moments
• Mastered for professional use
• WAV – 96000hz (5.5GB)
• MP3 – 48000hz (377MB)
• Royalty Free

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