DMF – SuperPlugin v1.0.6 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x64

Superplugin is in many ways a complement to Metaplugin. Using the same complex plugin chain under the hood, Superplugin is the right choice if you want to quickly create simpler chains (although the built-in 4-band frequency splitter isn’t exactly simple, of course…). With a few clicks, you can populate plugin slots with all your favorite plugins, whether they come in VST, VST3 or AU format.

The super plugin does the routing for you, everything is automated as much as possible. If you’ve always wanted to create your own plugin chains but have been a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities Metaplugin has to offer, Superplugin is happy to help! As an added bonus, Superplugin is also available as a standalone application for playing soft synths and effects live.

• 4 consecutive plug-ins before a 4×4 multi-lane block that is summed up and passed on to the other 4 consecutive plug-ins.
• Parallel section in either multi-band or full-band parallel mode.
• Easily move or copy plugins to other slots.
• Double precision audio processing supported by DAW format and plug-in (not for audio devices).
• Convenient plugin organizer: scan plugins once and then simply drag and drop them into the chart area.
• User preset section for managing presets between DAWs.
• Internally bridge from 32-bit to 64-bit and vice versa with seamless plugin window integration: load 32-bit plugins into ProTools or LogicPro X without the need for a third-party bridging solution (for OSX: up to Catalina only!).
• For OSX: An internal bridge to load third-party Intel plug-ins on your own Silicon host.
• Support for native Apple Audio Unit plug-ins.
• Standalone version: Play soft synths and custom patches without a DAW.
• Individual bypass for each loaded plugin.
• Full plugin delay compensation is enabled.
• Automate up to 100 parameters by matching them to any parameter of a loaded plugin.
• Minor additional CPU load.
• Synths can also be loaded and played using any MIDI control, which means you can create your own synths with existing building blocks.
• Up to 16x oversampling in real-time playback and up to 64x oversampling in offline rendering.
• Can be used as a VST (2 or 3) to AU converter, VST (2 or 3) to AAX converter or AU to AAX converter.

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