Native Instruments – Bandstand v1.0.0.015 STANDALONE, VSTi, RTAS, AAX, AU, DirectX WIN.OSX x86

BANDSTAND plays MIDI music the way it should be. The unsurpassed quality of samples and ease of use takes the brand far beyond the boundaries of traditional GM modules. Convenient audio mixing tools and exceptional effects make BANDSTAND ideal for a wide variety of situations.

Simplicity and clarity

A clearly structured, visual interface is based on the latest generation of high technologies. Particular care has been taken to ensure that BANDSTAND is easy to use and easy to understand, and is the ideal tool for teaching composition in music colleges.

The Quick Edit panel makes it easy to process sounds.

Support for all standard plug-in formats allows BANDSTAND to work with synthesizer-based products (sequencers), while stand-alone mode allows for live playback.

The Ultimate Player

Whether it’s your own creation or a classic piece, BANDSTAND adds just the right sound and the built-in MIDI file player plays out the finished piece. Setting up a mix or changing instruments is easy enough. High-quality effects, loops, and track sampling will add individuality to your work – BANDSTAND will change the traditional idea of ​​​​sound modules and GM.

Sample Library

All samples included in BANDSTAND meet the quality standards required for all Native Instruments products. Samples created by NI sound design experts. The highly qualified specialists of the company have a qualitative impact on the outstanding BANDSTAND sample library. All samples have undergone a special mastering process in order to achieve a consistent sound character.

The BANDSTAND sample library includes content provided by the following companies:

Sonic Reality
Best Service
Big Fish
The Badroom
Sound Ideas
Modo Bierkamp
Peter Siedlaczek

Visual interface

The main control panel offers a convenient overview of all relevant information and parameters. The integrated Instrument Selection Browser lets you select, preview, and move sounds/instruments quickly and easily. The Channel Selection Browser displays all 16 MIDI channels and assigned instruments.

Quick editing panel

Quick access to all main parameters

Quick editing allows quick access to such important parameters as: real-time movement, scale constraint, microtuning, sampling, alternative (variable) tuning, humanization function, etc. The selected parameters and relevant values ​​are reflected on all 16 MIDI channels. The values ​​can be adjusted individually or collectively.

Effects Editor

Use four quality effects to add dimension to your sound. Chorus and reverb effects can be individually assigned to channels to create the desired sonic depth. To achieve the greatest realism, the reverberation effect is based on a modern curvature effect. For more precise sound building, a three-band high-end equalizer and limiter can be applied to the main channel. A three-band high-end equalizer and limiter that can be applied to the main channel allow for more precise sound shaping.


The Mixer page displays 16 channels. Ability to adjust the relative volume of channels, the amount of chorus effect and reverb for any specific channel or solo/mute channel. The drop-down menu also allows you to assign different instruments to a channel.

MIDI File Player

Play your MIDI files using the built-in player. At your discretion, you can adjust the tempo and export to audio format. WAV or .AIFF format files are played.

  • Sound engine with General MIDI 1 compatible instrument kit
  • Professional 2.5 GB sample library includes 128 high-end instruments and 9 drum kits
  • GM2, GS and XG MIDI automatic controller
  • Based on the KONTAKT 2 sample engine for high quality sound
  • Clearly structured and very easy to use interface
  • Clear selection and movement of instruments and drum kits
  • MIDI File with playlist, tempo control and the ability to export to audio format
  • High-quality effects: convolution, chorus, limiter and three-band equalizer
  • Quick editing panel allows you to real-time movements, tuning scale, sampling and humanization tools
  • Preset Manager provides the ability to conveniently configure MIDI files
  • Interfaces

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