Zero-G – Ethera Gold Prometheus (KONTAKT)

An excellent library of male vocal samples for film music and video game composers. Welcome to Ethera Gold Prometheus, the ultimate male vocal sample library for cinematic music and video game composers, and the next chapter in the award-winning Ethera Gold series created by Stefano Maccarelli.

IMPORTANT: ETHERA Gold Prometheus requires the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1!. This will NOT work in the FREE Kontakt Player.

Ethera Gold Prometheus is not an add-on or extension for Ethera Gold 2.5, it is a separate unique product. All samples included in this library are brand new and unique to this Kontakt instrument.

This compilation is the first male vocal chapter in the series, featuring three talented singers with amazing cinematic folk vocals and over 38 Kontakt multisampled instruments. With its powerful and emotional sounds, Prometheus will add truly epic male vocals to your music and help you create amazing cinematic folk soundtracks. Whether you’re working on a blockbuster or cutting-edge video game, this incredible library will be your go-to tool for creating breathtaking and unforgettable voice scores.
The Ethera Gold series boasts some of the best solo vocal legato on the market, of which Prometheus contains 7 different variations including Warrior, Deep and Folk styles. Along with this, Prometheus contains over 5000 ready-to-use voice phrases organized with BPM and KEY.

Prometheus is equipped with 5 different chant builders that cover a range of styles, from haunting phrases or warrior tribal vocal chants to ritual chants. This set of instruments allows composers to play polyphonic melody or harmony live, such as background choirs or medieval chants, with various vocal articulations and legato mode to create a smooth connection during phrasing. Also included are sustain and ritual instruments that contain many lengthy inspirational vocal textures or backing vocals.

Prometheus also comes with some additional tools that can be useful during composition. Therefore, you will find a collection of playable textures and loops that, when used in conjunction with voices, will provide excellent inspiration and prove extremely useful for adding an extra instrumental touch. These include cello, guitar, strings, percussion and other elements of sound design. The DRONE GENERATOR tool is a unique tool in Prometheus. With the Drone Generator, you can create dark, evocative and evolving vocal textures that can have a powerful impact on your storytelling.

Ethera Gold Prometheus comes with a complete FX section that includes a custom made IR-Convolution reverb. If you already own some or all of the items from the earlier Ethera Gold series, then Ethera Gold Prometheus will be a powerful addition to your Ethera & Elements collection, pairing perfectly with the emotive Celtic voices of Ethera Gold Atlantis 2 or the powerful tribal voice. percussion or elements of cinematic rhythms. These tools have been designed and built to be used together, and their power will truly shine when you use them together! If you are new to Ethera, you will find that Prometheus is an amazing new tool to help and enhance your musical creativity.

  • 38 Multi-Sampled Kontakt Instruments
  • Over 9Gb of 24bit, 48Khz samples
  • 3 Cinematic Folk Singers
  • 7 Different Types of True Legato Instruments (Warrior, Deep, Folk)
  • Custom convolution reverb + FX Rack
  • 2 Vocal Phrases Instruments, over 5000 inspiring vocal phrases organized by key – BPM – with legato mode
  • Warrior Vocal Chants Builder enabling you to play haunting polyphonic legato phrasing with customizable syllables
  • Soft Vocal Chants Builder enabling you to play polyphonic chants with customizable syllables
  • Many Sustain Instruments with a collection of inspiring vocal textures which are also tempo-synced
  • Playable Ritual Chants
  • Growl, and Rhythmic Breath
  • Cello playable loops and textures
  • Guitar playable loops
  • Sound design elements
  • Percussion Loops

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