TONEMISSION – The John Petrucci IR Collection Vol.1 (WAV)

Volume 1 contains impulse responses expertly recorded by engineer James ‘Jimmy T’ Meslin of DTHQ. This collection of impulse responses was created with the goal of replicating John Petrucci’s signal chain from the speaker cabinet to the DAW, as seen on his last three records. These include Terminal Velocity, LTE3 and A View From The Top Of The World.

With the John Petrucci IR Collection, you’ll have instant and convenient access to these sounds. In addition to the sum of close microphones, a room microphone is included in the collection.

The ICs contained in this collection will give you access to two different types of ICs – Blends and Assets.

The blends are the sounds as John used them in the studio.
Assets are individual microphones in full range.

This IR package was created with incredible detail to ensure that the IRs were captured faithfully to ensure that you can easily refer back to those cockpit shots anywhere, anytime, for recording or live performance.

Three packages with nine mixtures that exactly match the albums:

  • 13 individual military-industrial complex assets.
  • 12 bonus IR’s taken from JP’s Cab private collection.
  • 9 Album-accurate blends.

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