Togu Audio Line – TAL-J-8 v1.7.3 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, CLAP x64 [30.07.2023]

TAL-J-8 from the popular developer of emulations of vintage synthesizers of the TAL Software company.
The instrument emulates the sound of the classic Roland Jupiter-8. The virtual synthesizer focuses on recreating the sound of the original instrument, rather than additional features, the developer notes.
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As is the case with other developments, Patrick Kunz of TAL Software reproduced the work of the original tool exactly. Other than MPE support, Koontz points out, the new TAL-J-8 doesn’t offer rich additional features compared to the Arturia Jup-8 and Roland Zenology Pro. The focus of development was on faithfully recreating the signature sound of the original synthesizer.

In addition to emulating the operation of the oscillators and other sections of the Roland Jupiter-8, the new instrument is equipped with a Unison mode for oscillators and a sound calibration section. The latter allows you to adjust the height, resonance and amount of distortion of the generated audio signal.

Despite the release of new items, TAL Software has not yet published videos demonstrating the features. Audio files and additional presets were not found on the developers’ site either. One way or another, but a quick test of the demo version of the tool allows us to conclude that there is one more plugin in the list of must-have tools for synthwave lovers.

Authentic emulation of the 80’s hardware synthesizer.
Use the calibration section for extreme resonance and filter overdrive.
VCO based UNISON with stereo spread option and a full stereo signal path.
MPE support.
Microtuning support (tun file import and MTS Client).
More than 300 factory presets by solidtrax, emptyvessel, Electric Himalaya and others.

After installing the plugin, run TAL_RSA1024_KeyGen , select a product (TAL-J-8), click “Generate” and paste the received data into the plugin registration window

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