Strezov Sampling – TROPAR Remastered (KONTAKT)

Tried Tropar Basses – my cats hiding is a powerful thing!!! Troparion is a word that comes from the Greek “Troparion” and is a religious hymn in the Orthodox liturgy. We were extremely inspired by the typical sound of the Orthodox liturgy and especially by all the hymns written by composers such as Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Strumsky, Arkhangelsky and many others.

For this library we recorded 12 people – 6 basses and 6 tenors in an authentic Orthodox church! They were recorded separately, in two groups. The library contains chromatic samples, and all samples were run through the Avalon AD2044F specifically for that warm analogue sound.

The library consists of three dynamics – piano, mezzo-piano and forte – using the vowel “Ooh” (except for the f dynamic, which was sung in “Aah”). The library has four microphone positions – close (mixing a 6-microphone array is really close to the singers), decca (Decca tree LCR above the conductor), side (two LR microphones at the back

of the hall) and back (two microphones behind the singers, facing the wall and thus pre-delayed reflected sound). new user interface based on our latest Afflatus series releases, and true legato polyphonic as a free update.It is also compatible with NKS.

List of changes:

Bass Troparion
Tenors Troparion
Troparion Mixed


Bass: G0 – F2
Tenors: B1-G3
Mixed: G0-G3
Three dynamic layers, two vowels and polyphonic true legato
p – with the vowel “Ooh”
mf – with the vowel “Ooh”
f – with vowel “Ah”

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