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Soundtrack Loops presents Dreamy Guitars – Loops. Dreamy Guitars by producer Adonis Tsilimparis has more than just guitars—it’s a complete construction kit that has everything you need for kicking off five complete tunes, with plenty of variation to be found among its 103 loops. Dark and dreamy but never gloomy, the five kits range from 80 to 100 BPM (in 5 BPM increments). They’re tailor made for dreampop producers and singer/songwriters looking for mellow ideas to work with. The electric guitars are rooted in classic clean tones—basically, the sound of a single-coil six-string plugged straight into a tube amp. No big pedalboard pyrotechnics here—just some sweet syncopated delays, a touch of stereo chorus, and just the right amounts of subtle compression and reverb sweeteners that make pop guitar riffs like these ready to mix. The focus is on electric guitars, but remember—these are construction kits! Every kit has hand-played bass guitar lines and synth parts including pads and arpeggios, lead lines, alternate bass lines and more. Adonis is no stranger to making top-shelf tracks for bands and high-profile ads. On Dreamy Guitars, you get the polished edge right along with the rock/pop integrity—it sounds real because it is real, and you need the real thing at all times when you’re trying to bring out your best in rock and pop music forms. Here, you’re covered with Dreamy Guitars.

103 Sounds

Soundtrack Loops is the collaboration between two entrepreneurs/producers with over 30 combined years of experience in the royalty free sample industry. Matthew Yost, who founded Soundtrack Loops in 2006, and Jason Donnelly, founder of Peace Love Productions (2001), have joined forces to bring simplicity and expertise to the world of digital music. Meeting in 1998, the two first came together with audio positions at Sonic Foundry Inc. (Now Sony Creative Software). Both visionaries have since produced, formatted, created, and marketed hundreds of loop packs. Clients include some of the world’s largest loop companies, software DAWs and well known apps. Donnelly has over 10 releases on the Sony Creative Software label, as well as on Loopmasters, Acoustica, PreSonus, Loop Cartel, Soundtrack Loops, Peace Love Productions, Sound Trends, and iThirtySeven. Over the last decade, Matthew, also know as “Montra,” has released multiple sound libraries, instigated collaborations, and has been the face of Soundtrack Loops in many industry meetings. He is also a cornerstone of Soundtrack Loops’ design, development, marketing, and customer support. Jason and Matthew encompass 360 degrees of what the royalty free loop industry stands for and they continue to change the industry each and every day with their experience and expertise.

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