Sauceware Audio – Trifecta (KONTAKT)

No more wasting time scrolling through tons of presets and effects, trying to find the right combination. We took several sounds that fit together perfectly and distributed them across your piano roll.

Trifecta is like 3 instrument plugins in 1, each designed to have bass, chord and melody sounds harmoniously combined in each preset. You can literally create a complete cycle with 1 preset!

Play complete chords with one finger using TRIFECTA’s built-in chord generator. No knowledge of music theory is required. Whether you’re a beginner or already know complex chords, a chord generator will allow you to quickly come up with fresh ideas in seconds.

Trifecta eliminates the need for external effects plugins with real-time reverse, half speed and a range of other built-in effects. Take full control of your sounds without ever leaving the plugin.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of searching for additional sounds. Trifecta instantly gives you 3 cohesive sounds spread across your keyboard, along with powerful effects that eliminate the need for any external plugins. Harmonize the sound of bass, chords and melodies in one preset.

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