RTW – Loudness Tools (Masterclass PlugIns Series) 4.1.2

Mastering Tools are part of the RTW Masterclass plug-ins, a range of products that provide RTW meters as plug-in software and stand-alone application. By migrating analysis tools to zero-hardware software, RTW made them available to musicians, radio producers and audio / video engineers who need to meet the final implementation specifications required by broadcasters.

As a quality control tool, Mastering Tools, with their precision-working and easy-to-read tools, ensures that customized specifications are met. Thanks to their intuitive operation, they are equally suitable for users with or without knowledge.

Loudness Tools include loudness measurement and display for mono, stereo, multichannel and surround sound applications (maximum 8 channels) and all standard sample rates up to 96 kHz, including all commonly used PPM and TruePeak measurements and scales.

As a result, Loudness Tools provide the functionality of the award-winning PPM TM7 and TM9 core tools and offer the same degree of functionality and clarity as hardware models. Tools can be freely positioned and scaled. Various functional parameters provide additional flexibility.

Six selectable window frames (landscape and portrait) respectively. The freely adjustable display window allows you to customize the positioning of the provided instruments. Multiple instances can be used. You can save all settings and layouts as presets.

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