RTW – CLC – Continuous Loudness Control 4.1.2 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x64

Continuous Loudness Control (CLC) is a plug-in for mastering with unique visualization and patented loudness processing algorithm. The amazing low latency prediction algorithm used in the CLC allows the dynamic processing of the loudness of unknown live sound and audio files to a given loudness value with or without alteration of the original loudness range and protects up to an adjustable True Peak.

CLC further improves the quality of loudness processing with various enhancements such as batch processing of audio files, extended support for audio formats (e.g. MXF) expert mode for very specific material, Mmax and Smax limitation, reporting functions, and optimized presets for streaming audio.

CLC technology allows users to continually adapt the sound level they are working on in relation to a programmed volume setpoint along with a real-time detectable volume range with minimal obstruction. The CLC algorithm “learns” during processing the dynamic structure and intent of the audio signal and continually adapts its processing to predict what will happen next. CLC software is best suited for working with live audio, DAWs, and audio files.

But also be aware of broadcasters as they receive many different types of audio files (eg MXF) and must prepare them for broadcast. Therefore, the CLC batch mode offers automatic loudness analysis and audio file processing. Incoming audio files from different sources are processed according to predefined settings for different genres; the output is saved in the target folder along with additional report files. Optimized presets and expert mode allow you to better meet the requirements for different types of programs and distribution channels.

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