Orb Plugins – Orb Producer Suite 3 v3.0.5 VSTi, VST3i x64 [04/19/2024]

Create, invent and innovate with patterns, melodies and basslines created by artificial intelligence. Level up your music production and discover endless creative possibilities.

Orb Chords

Powerful homemade wave synthesizer:

New Orb Chords allows you to create an unlimited number of original chord progressions. You can customize everything, add colors, dissonances and much more.

Orb Melody

Try the AI ​​melodizer:

Melody Maker plugin gives you unlimited ideas for melodies. It also provides useful controllers and options to get the perfect tune for your music! Get instant ringtones now!

Orb Bass

The ultimate bass generator:

Bass in your face! The Bass module analyzes all the harmonies and suggests the best bass lines for your song. Now you have a bass player friend.

Orb Arpeggio

Arpeggios you need:

The Arpeggio module is an easy to use module that provides cool arpeggios for instant gratification, with tons of options for advanced users looking for a complex arpeggio system.

Dozens of Presets

Our state-of-the-art wave synth includes dozens of presets handcrafted by industry professionals

Smart AI Tools

Orb Producer Suite includes easy-to-use options for our AI to create beautiful musical ideas.

Key and Key Selection

Orb Producer Suite includes easy-to-use options for our artificial intelligence to create beautiful musical ideas.

Polyrhythms Create complex and interesting rhythms

The latest Polyrhythms engine adds a whole new depth to your music. Create a trip-hop space for your music ideas in seconds with a simple checkbox in dozens of time signatures.

Lyrical Melodies Elevate your music with Lyrical Melodies

Lyrical Melodies creates an anacrusis or bar pickup note, adding a new layer of professional sound.

Block chain You can now connect blocks into a chain

The latest update to Orb Producer has added the ability to chain blocks. Blockchain is a long-awaited addition to our software, allowing you to create one long piece of music from all your themes for continuous playback with the click of a button.

Keep Bass for Chords A very simple yet powerful addition to the Chords plugin.

Using Keep Bass for Chords ensures that no matter the complexity of your track, the bass note of the chords will always be at the bottom of the chord.

It won’t work if your DAW is completely locked.
Your DAW must allow local connections in order for Orb Chrod to communicate with other parts/plugins.
You can allow your DAW to connect for 2 seconds and lock it back, after which it will work.

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