Modern Metal Songwriter – Gamma Vocal Suite v1.0.5 VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x64

Professional vocals using one plugin. Gamma | Vocal Suite is a comprehensive vocal mixing plugin designed for professional songwriters and bedroom musicians alike. It offers a complete vocal chain in one plugin, making it easy to produce polished, professional-sounding vocals while maintaining full chain flexibility.


Compressor module with 2 unique rock and metal proven compressor circuits.


Analog equalizer with digital precision. Choose between classic analog and digital curves for vocal correction.


Three classic saturations to liven up any vocal.
Choose between tube, strip and transformer.


Enhance the stereo field of your vocals with 3 classic width modes. Create a fuller, more immersive vocal sound.


2 specially designed reverb units are ideal for vocals. Mix our short and long reverbs to create the perfect atmosphere for your song.

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