Native Instruments – SCHEMA DARK (KONTAKT)

Deep, dark patterns and impulses. For some stories, only the darkest sounds are enough. Using an all-new SCHEMA Engine with a wide array of the deepest, heaviest, and twisted sounds imaginable, SCHEMA: DARK takes your sonic storytelling to unfathomable depths.


-SCHEMA:DARK engine is built on a 16-step sequencer like no other: start with four tempo-in-phase loops of two bars each, switch up to 16 steps for each layer to create a unique rhythmic pattern, then change Densify your creation with the mod wheel. Get instantly satisfying results or immerse yourself in polyrhythmic intricacies, unsettling atmospheres, high-intensity walls of sound – and everything in between.

Full Spectrum Darkness:

1700 unique SCHEMA DARK loops – from hand-picked field recordings to modular synthesizer sequences and masterfully crafted orchestral recordings from the renowned Sofia Session studio – are united only by the dark tonality and tempo of your project. Keep drones, basses, synths and orchestral sounds in key with a MIDI keyboard, tune drums and SFX to your liking with the dedicated Tuning control.

Make it even better:

Each loop comes in four different sounds: Version A is the original, recorded in pristine condition and sweetened to taste with high-end external devices. Versions B, C and D go even further into the shadows with custom processing chains ranging from boutique distortion pedals to esoteric modular patches and rare rack compressors.

Recruit, develop or deepen:

SCHEMA Dark comes with 343 professionally designed presets so you can get started right away. Each of them consists of four loops, each with its own switchable patterns, playback modes (including reverse!), envelopes, effects and more. For further customization, filters, decay, volume and pitch can be changed in steps, pattern length can be set independently for polyrhythmic fun, and six studio effects can be assigned to two send slots.

Throw the dice:

If you’re feeling spoiled for choice, each of the four SCHEMA: DARK cycles can be randomly selected for an instant burst of inspiration. After that, each of the 16 fragments of each cycle can be randomly reordered, and the sequencer patterns themselves can also be determined by throwing a die. With SCHEMA Engine, you will never be a few clicks away from a completely unexpected place.

Cinematic Impulse Engine:

• Create dark, driving patterns and impulses with a unique new sequencing engine.
• Layer masterfully crafted variations of orchestral, synth and field loops.
• Dive into editable patterns for each layer, intuitive macros, mix controls and studio-grade effects.

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