Red Sounds – Future Chords MIDI Pack (MIDI)

Advanced chords of the future made easy! 777 drag-and-drop MIDI chords. By choosing chords, you are choosing contemporary music! We can feel your anguish when it comes to creating interesting harmony. It’s hard to get rid of the usual 3 thieves’ chords. But this pack will definitely help you!

Whether you know music theory or not – Future Chords MIDI Pack is a handy tool for the modern producer (beatmaker). If you are not too versed in music theory, then this package is absolutely for you! That said, if you’re good with music theory, these presets will nudge you towards interesting song ideas!

This set is valuable for seasoned producers too, as there is endless room for experimentation. Plus, it’s a real time saver when you want to come up with an interesting chord progression.

• Get rid of uninteresting beats for a long time.
• Make a whole progression or use these chords as a starting point and then edit the MIDI.
• So many different ways to arrange chords and get inspiration!
• Not just a few chords in one key. Each folder contains 11 to 41 complex chords that sound good together.
• The package contains 41 folders (presets). There are 777 chords in total.
• Each chord folder has its own mood.
• Connect these lush chords to your favorite synths and make colorful progressions in seconds!

• 777 drag & drop MIDI files


• Future bass
• Future RnB
• OVO Style Hip-Hop
• Chillwave
• And much more with several touches!

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