Native Instruments – Low End Strings (KONTAKT)

Hybrid orchestral strings. The lowest playable octaves, taken from a real string orchestra and given powerful processing using modern and vintage instruments. Combine and blend four instrument layers to add depth to your sound

Where tradition meets innovation.

Low End Strings harness the power of deep frequencies, pushing string instruments to their lowest tones. Spanning a three-octave range, it allows you to layer traditional but processed lower octave string articulations with field recordings, noise, subwoofers and synth sources, then transform them into sounds that reverberate with cinematic intensity. Discover unparalleled depth, drama and impact to bring scores and productions of all kinds to life.

Explore a collection of deep string sounds carefully crafted using six decades of modern and vintage equipment.

Screenshot of Native Instruments Low End Strings KONTAKT Take control of four independent layers in the intelligent user interface, selecting and changing one of three audio options built into each individual shot.
Add depth and movement to your sounds using the Step Sequencer and LFO controls on the Animation page.

Native Instruments Low End Strings Screenshot KONTAKT Get hands-on control over levels, panning, sends, and effects inserts from the Channel view to dial in modern string scores.

From string and bass sounds to pads and special effects, Low End Strings contains carefully crafted snapshots for quick inspiration. Watch as product specialist Reuben Cornell shares his favorites and dives deeper into the instrument’s intricacies, showing how the step sequencer, macro controls, and multiple mixable sources can be used to create bold, hybrid orchestral textures.
Created by 10 Phantom Rooms

Low End Strings was created by innovative instrument developer 10 Phantom Rooms. Specializing in next-generation Kontakt instruments for film and media composers, this company was founded by professional sound and instrument designer Tobias Menhuser along with Paul Haslinger and other creative minds. Over a career spanning three decades, Tobias has created sounds and instrumentation for many of the industry’s biggest names, including scoring over 500 film trailers.

  • Product type: KONTAKT instrument
  • For use with: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT.
  • Sound category: Hybrid string plugin
  • Number of NKIs: 1
  • Number of snapshots: 134 with 3 variations each
  • Download size: 2.4 GB
  • System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT (version 7.6 or higher).

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