Native Instruments – Session Ukulele (KONTAKT)

Virtual instrument ukulele. Learn three different instruments: the soprano and tenor ukulele, and the charango. Create your own melodies or build ideas from the 385 playable string patterns and plucking patterns. Shape your sound with a variety of microphones, effects and controls

Sounds of ukulele and charango.

Infuse your creations with the uplifting sounds of ukulele and charango. Featuring bright chords, playful beats and authentic patterns, the Session Ukulele is perfect for laying the foundation or adding decorative touches to feel-good pop hits, jingles and everything in between. Keep it traditional or let your creativity run wild with a variety of effects and controls.

Session Ukulele is an extensive sample library including soprano ukulele, tenor ukulele and charango.

Switch between melodic articulations, patterns, and slides with an intuitive, color-coded keyboard layout.

Choose from a wide selection of song presets filled with customized templates and effects.

Combine authentic patterns with your own tunes to create intricate, lifelike pieces.

Expand your tone with creative modulation effects, studio-grade compressors, custom EQ presets, new lo-fi pedals, and reverb and delay.

Three different mic settings, a redundant switch, and a range of real-time controls help your parts fit perfectly into the mix.

Three handmade tools.

Session Ukulele sounds were carefully recorded from instruments handcrafted by master craftsmen in Hawaii and Bolivia. Whether you love the bright and cheerful sounds of a soprano ukulele, the warmth and resonance of a tenor, or the lively and distinct character of a charango, each instrument has its own set of sound presets and patterns that highlight its unique aspects.

Two Ways to Play

Create your own melodies from the notes or explore 385 patterns brought to life with the new and improved drumming algorithm. Song presets make it easy to switch between patterns during performance, and the engine automatically selects the most natural-sounding chord inversions. You can also drag and drop patterns into your DAW for further editing.

Create Your Sound

Create ultra-realistic detail with three types of finger vibrato, resonance controls, fret noises, and a variety of authentic articulation options. Choose between one dynamic and two condenser microphones and instantly add width with the dual switch. Enhance your sound with studio-grade delay, reverb and modulation effects, compression, custom EQ presets and all-new lo-fi effects.

  • Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
  • For use with: Free KONTAKT PLAYER version 7.6 or KONTAKT version 7.6 and higher.
  • Sound category: Soprano ukulele, tenor ukulele, and charango sample library
  • Number of sounds: 385 patterns, 89 songs
  • Download size: 13.60 GB
  • System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER version 7.6 or KONTAKT version 7.6 and higher.

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