MixWave – Mike Mangini (KONTAKT)

Large installation by Mike Mangini. A music leader with an unprecedented career. From his Grammy wins to his otherworldly drumming skills, his journey in music is nothing short of remarkable. He’s not just a drummer, but an accomplished composer, contributing to chart-topping albums and even breaking into unexpected genres.

Tasked with carefully sampling his entire drum arsenal, we were able to achieve something greater than expected; a vast but versatile orchestral collection of sounds.
Introducing, MixWave: Mike Mangini.

Mix-Ready Drums

Mangini has a complete collection of mix-ready drums. Introducing his 35-piece Masterworks set, which he developed with Pearl Drums: 4 kick drums, 9 snares, 8 toms, 4 octobans, and our largest array of 20 cymbals.
Sampled by Mike Mangini and mixed at MixWave Studios.

Total Control

Go from completely raw samples to mix-ready drums with one click, using a fully featured and intuitive mixer-style interface.
Include pre-mixed reverbs, FX, or optional built-in master channel FX, including compressor, EQ, and tape saturation.

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