MIDIssonance – Kinejo (OMNISPHERE)

Omnisphere Kinejo is a set of sounds for the powerful Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 synthesizer, containing 150 cinematic patches. Omnisphere Kinejo uses a “hybrid” approach – patches are developed with both Omnisphere sound sources and 56 new unique sound sources. Soundset is inspired by some of the latest scores and recordings, as well as some sound experiments and ideas that arose in the process of creating a sound source. Patches are made taking into account cinematic music, but they are also very suitable for electronics, ambient and New Age.

Although Omnisphere 2 is not a full-fledged sampler like the Native Instruments Kontakt or UVI Workstation, its powerful import and processing capabilities provide more creativity when using any sound source, simple or complex. Sound sources were created using both analog and digital synthesizers, acoustic instruments and other sounds that were processed and distorted in a musical way.

Patches are carefully programmed with the possibility of detailed modulation, offering much more details for each preset.

• 50 Arps + BPM (25 Basslines & 25 Arps)
• 50 Atmospheres (25 Pads & 25 Textures)
• 50 Playable Instruments (20 Synth Leads, 15 Synth Basses, 15 Instruments)

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