MAGIX – ACID Pro x64

ACID Pro is the latest version of the popular product from Magix (ex Sony Creative Software), designed to create original professional-quality music. ACID Pro creates compositions using a loop of musical segments (loop). The program includes an extensive collection of looped music fragments in various genres. ACID Pro supports recording of 24-bit audio at a frequency of 192 kHz, the number of channels is unlimited. The package includes a rich set of tools and templates that allows you to reflect your ideas in musical sound as fully as possible.
ACID Pro allows you to professionally record multi-channel audio and comprehensive MIDI support (the program allows you to view and edit MIDI files, and the MIDI file editor allows you to draw notes and greatly simplifies working with them. In addition, the timeline stretch function allows the user to play MIDI files in at any pace).
Thanks to the new parameter setting tools, the mixing and editing function allows the user to use many different effects: increasing resonances, the effect of sound attenuation, and even create their own audio effects.
ACID Pro is more than just a production tool and that’s why it’s not only able to realize the user’s creative ideas, but even inspire them.

• Automatically adjusts the key and tempo of musical pieces.
• Add an unlimited number of tracks.
• Preliminary listening to cyclic fragments (loops) in real time.
• The broadest support for MIDI functions in ACID Pro for recording and editing notes.
• Managing instruments is as easy as using regular audio tracks.
• Envelopes of tracks for manual and automatic adjustment of modulations, sound volume and other parameters of the MIDI controller in different parts of the composition.
• An interactive tutorial for step-by-step familiarization with the functions of the program.
• ACID Pro Effects Rack.
• Garritan Aria add-on for ACID Pro Player.
• Utility Submersible Music KitCore.
• A set of software guitar effects Native Instruments Guitar Combos.
• Express yourself in your music with ACID Pro!
Innovative creation of music based on cycles
• Automatic adjustment of pitch and tempo;
• Listening to the cycle in real time;
• User-friendly interface;
• Support for multi-channel sound;
• Automatic attenuation adjustment;
• ACID Pro contains over 1000 cyclic sounds ready to use.
Recording multi-channel audio and MIDI
• Support for sound quality 24-bit, 192 kHz;
• Recording MIDI;
• 5.1 surround sound
support; Supported formats:
• WAV, MP3, WMA, WMV, RM, WAV, AIF, PCA, und AC3

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