Karanyi Sounds – Cloudmax v1.0.0 VST3, AU WIN.OSX x64

Plunge into the world of sound textures using the Cloudmax Texture Resonator. Equipped with multiple effects modules, it is capable of transforming any sound source into a soft, lush soundscape or an ethereal sound effect in the blink of an eye.

DSP Symphony:

Inspired by the famous shimmers, reverbs, granulators and harmonizers, Cloudmax seamlessly combines 5 DSP modules into one unique plugin. These modules include a dual granular engine, reverb, tape emulation, filter and EQ module, forming the core of your creative canvas.

Dual Granular Engine: The Heart of Textures:

Enter the texture universe with the Dual Granular Engine. By shifting the tonality of two granular engines an octave relative to each other, you can create shimmering effects, emulate ancient string machines, or generate a variety of complex and intricate textures.

Algorithmic Reverb: Enter the “Black Hole”:

Add depth and dimension to your sounds with reverb. This module includes a high-quality algorithmic reverb, delay line, and subtle vintage tape pitch emulation. With reverb tails lasting up to 16 seconds, you can create a variety of environments – from the intimacy of a small room to large spaces.

Sound Shaping:

Enhance your sound with built-in low- and high-pass ladder filters, plus optional low- and high-pass EQs. Adjust your textures so they blend seamlessly into the mix.

  • 110+ factory presets.
  • 5 studio DSP modules: dual granular engine, reverb, tape emulation, filter and equalizer.
  • Optimized set of MIDI learnable controls.
  • Easy to use graphical interface with two design options (light and dark).
  • Our Smart Randomizer technology including Random Texture, Random Reverb.

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