AudioScapeKiive Audio – V-Comp v1.0.3 VST3, AU, AAX WIN.OSX

Introducing the AudioScape V-Comp plugin. AudioScape is pleased to announce the latest addition to its ever-expanding line of vintage tone plugins, the VARI-MU COMPRESSOR plugin for V-COMP.

This is the digital version of the V-COMP “6386 EDITION” VARI-MU compressor and the V-COMP+ “DELUXE 6386 EDITION” VARI-MU compressor.

The AudioScape V-Comp+ “Deluxe 6386 Edition” is an enhanced version of the legendary all-tube variable volume compressor created in the 1950s. Originally designed for broadcast, it has earned a reputation among engineers and producers as one of the most musical and easy-to-use compressors ever created.

Working directly with Kiive Audio, we are proud to bring you their legendary Vari-Mu: V-Comp compressor as a plug-in.

We have stayed true to the AudioScape philosophy that sound is more real than recreated, while also adding features that are only possible as a plug-in!
This Vari-Mu compressor has the weight and density you expect, while delivering incredibly musical compression and color saturation, thanks to the 7 built-in tubes and iron transformer built into the original hardware!

Deep Musical Compression

To highlight the beautiful saturation that the V-Comp is capable of, we have added a 4th option to the existing single, dual and triple modes. “Bypass”, as the name suggests, completely bypasses the compression section of the circuit, while still passing through a solid tube signal path and large, powerful transformers!

  • Fixed 8x and 16x oversampling
  • Added new presets
  • Added gain compensation for the “drive” switch

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