Analog Obsession – VariMoon 3.0 VST, VST3, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

Virtual simulator of a rare compressor | 660 series limiter with easy to use.
Authentic Modulation of Components – Carefully migrated and redesigned original circuit with fingerprint accuracy Carefully designed transducers and lamps.

• Input & Output – Controls the input and output signal. The Input knob affects compression and harmonic distortion, as well as the nature of the plugin’s sound.
• Release – Controls the compression time with a 6-position measuring pen to control the release time. 4 fixed and 2 automatic controls.
• DC Threshold – Controls the nature of the compression. Switches compression to restriction. (Smooth compression before hard lamination)
• AC Threshold – Controls the compression level. When it is in the default position, the level is about -4 dB.

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