Wrongtools – Plateau (KONTAKT)

Ice-cold sound, design and tools. Cinematic patches inspired by a stay on the Arctic Plateau. A sample library featuring a range of cold-inspired sounds. Plateau will transport your audience to the frozen tundra, evoking a sense of isolation and desolation.

The sounds were created by re-synthesizing recordings of strings, flutes, bowed guitar and prepared piano, giving them a distinct and memorable quality. Need paths to shilling scenes and chilly landscapes?

You’ve come to the right place. Arctic soundscapes synthesized from strings, flutes, bowed guitar and prepared piano. A texture library for breathing, blooming, waning, merging and drifting in the coldest landscapes.

  • A re-synthesized collection of bowed and wind instruments of different sorts + prepared piano. Morphed into cinematic soundscapes inspired by the coldest open landscapes.
  • From ethereal, chilling textures to crisp, icy resonances.
  • Plateau provides countless sonic pathways of dynamic sound design cinematic instruments.
  • Elastic timbral conjuring explorations from our own orchestral samples. Sounds we have developed and used in our own scores over many years.
  • The 2 sizeable interface is intuitive and easy to play with.
  • The FX menu opens a menu with different pre-tweaked FX settings controlled from XY pads.

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