Vital Vocals – Diva Italiana Acapellas (WAV)

Vital Vocals presented by Diva Italiana Acapellas. This compilation contains a completely unique blend of operatic vocals and boss-style vocals, sung in Italian and showcasing a strictly modern vocal style that seamlessly blends with existing genres. Everything inside is, as usual, 100% royalty free.

These vocals have been recorded with the utmost care and attention using the best of the best microphones, equipment and external gear. Included are ingredients for 5 separate vocal tracks representing different moods, performance styles and tempo. The result is a variety of verses, chorus, adlibs and lead vocals that you can use to build full structures or finer samples to create your own loops and cuts.

• 5 Bossa Song Kits
• 80 Backing Vocal Loops
• 80 Lead Vocal Loops

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