Vengeance Sound – Avenger Expansion pack BigTone 2 (Avenger)

The new BigTone 2 expansion pack is here! Expect surprises with this jewel of sound design: very deep modulations, complex and organic sounds are waiting for you. Enjoy recreating natural instruments such as beautiful flutes or synthetic guitars, deep deep bass lines, air pads, resounding synthetic drums and inspiring arps and strings. This xp is suitable for all genres, but its focus is on the Deep Housy and Techno / Edm styles. Like a tom. 1 it is like a journey through all the possibilities of the Avenger in the formation and modulation of sounds, which will deprive you of speechlessness. A must have in every collection!

Warning for licensed Avenger users

The functionality of UNLOCKED extensions is not guaranteed in future versions of the program (after 1.4.10): they can be blocked along with other unencrypted extensions, such as EDM1, PSY, Future Chill, etc., which worked in earlier versions (1.2.2)
UNLOCKED extensions are intended for import into the popular Avenger v1.4.10

• 129 Avenger presets
• 10 new drumkits / drum seq
• 6 new granular samples
• 42 new multisamples
• 26 new osc-shapes
• 13 new wavetables

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