Falcon gives you everything you need to create the sound of your dreams, providing an extensive collection of cutting-edge instruments in an open, semi-modular environment.

The new factory library can be downloaded here: UVI – Falcon Factory Library (Rev2) v3.0.0

A powerful tool for seasoned professionals and novices alike, Falcon can be easily adapted to suit many needs. Whether you’re looking for inspiring sounds for a new song or diving deep into creative sound design, Falcon can be as nimble or calculating as the task demands.

Explore sound with precision and grace, from basic sample cutting and synth design to modulated multitimbral hybrids, creating incredible multi-layered synths, expressive MPE instruments, powerful drums, intricate breaks, multi-channel surround sound, creative sound design, generative sequences, wild effects and much more. .


Falcon includes 20 oscillators covering a wide range of modern synthesis techniques, from basic sample playback to more advanced oscillators such as Pluck, Wavetable and IRCAM Multi Granular.

One of Falcon’s greatest strengths is its ability to freely layer oscillators to create complex hybrid instruments that take advantage of the unique features of both sample-based and algorithmic sound creation. There are no preset limits on the number or type of generators you can use, you are only limited by your computer’s processing power and imagination.

The powerful hybrid synthesizer just got even more powerful.


Falcon brings together everything you need to create the sound of your dreams, giving you a vast collection of cutting-edge tools in an open, scalable, semi-modular environment.

  • 20 oscillators, over 100 effects, modulators, MIDI processing and scripting in a semi-modular environment.
  • Sampling engine with time stretching, pitch shifting, slicing and granular processing.
  • Advanced synthesis capabilities: subtractive, PM, FM, wavetable, additive, physical modeling, formants.

Falcon includes 20 oscillators that cover a wide range of modern synthesis techniques, from simple audio sample playback to more advanced oscillators such as Pluck, wavetable synthesis and IRCAM Multi Granular.

One of Falcon’s strengths is its ability to freely combine multiple oscillators to create advanced hybrid instruments that take advantage of unique sampling capabilities and algorithms. You can use as many generators as you want and different types, your only limitations are your computer’s processing power and your imagination.


  • Fixed support for midi output with standalone mode
  • Fixed control of midi outputs
  • Fixed a problem with the midi recording script
  • Fixed a problem with reloading Mapper presets
  • Fixed errors in some presets that led to the program crashing
  • Fixed the behavior of some presets , not responding to MPE



  • Added VOSIM (vocal simulator)
  • Added Bowed String (bowed strings)
  • Added Harmonic Resonator (harmonic resonances)


  • Added Harmonic Resonator (harmonic resonances)
  • Added Dispersor (dispersor)
  • Added Ladder
  • Added Opal


  • Support for MIDI Out
  • Support for MIDI CC Smoother smoothing script
  • Added Node Arpeggio script Node Arp
  • Added Motion Grid script
  • Added snowflake script Snowflakes
  • Improved slice mixing script Slice Remixer
  • Improved MPE script


  • Added Workspaces – saving and loading snapshots for quick transition between states
  • Added 21 Program Templates, starting points for getting started with optimized settings for Analog Poly, Wavetable Static or Multi-Granular Strings
  • Added Mappers controller displays to the software editor
  • Various user interface improvements


Just in case, uninstalling previous versions of Falcon and UVIEMU is a recommendation from R2R.
Unpack archives from the distribution.

Make installations on behalf of the Administrator:

  1. Run Setup Falcon v3.0.1.exe and install Falcon v3.0.1 in the default directory.
  2. Run Setup UVIEMU v1.0.9.exe and install UVIEMU v1.0.9 to the default directory.
    Everything is working. All your previous work remains, your own presets remain, favorites remain, and the specified library directories remain.
    In old projects where Falcon was used, there are no disasters – it will simply be “automatically” replaced with the new version.

Installing libraries and browser

In this regard, everything is exactly the same as in previous versions, so I simply copied the instructions from my previous distribution.

Copy R2R keys (files with *.R2RUVI extension) to

Each library has its own R2R key.
Create a folder to store your libraries wherever you want.
Call it whatever you like, for example UVI SoundBanks.
Place UVI libraries (files with *.ufs extension) into this folder.
In Falcon, specify the path to this folder in this way:
Find Preferences, you can simply press Cntr+P Open the SoundBanks bookmark . Specify the path to the folder(s) where you placed the libraries: Go to the browser on the right and point the small arrow opposite the Soundbanks inscription The browser view will change: You can scroll if there are a lot of libraries: But when there are too many libraries, it’s easier to find like this:

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