UVI – Falcon Factory Library (Rev2) v3.0.1 (SOUNDBANK)

Factory library for Falcon 3.

To work with the bank you need: UVI – Falcon v3 .0.1 (R2R)

  • Updated factory library presets, 1500 patches with improved macros and user interface.
  • Added 53 new presets
  • The sound designers did a great job + the interface designers also did their job well.
  • Now it sounds great and looks very stylish.

Everything is done perfectly, but do not rush to delete the old Falcon Factory 2.8.1 – it may also be useful to you.


  • Fix MIDI out support in StandAlone version
  • Fix MIDI out channel handling
  • Fix issue with MIDI Record script
  • Fix mapper preset reloading issue
  • Fix crash in some presets
  • Fix issue with some presets not responding to MPE

Install libraries and browser

R2R keys (files with *.R2RUVI extension) copy to C:\ProgramData\UVI\R2R
For each library there is its own R2R key.
Create a folder to store your libraries wherever you want.
Call it whatever you like, for example UVI SoundBanks.
Place UVI libraries (files with *.ufs extension) into this folder.
In Falcon, specify the path to this folder in this way:
Find Preferences, you can simply press Cntr+P Open the SoundBanks bookmark . Specify the path to the folder(s) where you placed the libraries: Go to the browser on the right and point the small arrow opposite the Soundbanks inscription The browser view will change: You can scroll if there are a lot of libraries: But when there are too many libraries, it’s easier to find like this:

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