Toontrack – Area 33 – Origin SDX (SOUNDBANK)

Even though Area 33 SDX is arguably the most comprehensive metal-related drum library ever recorded, the Thordendal/Bergstrand/Margarit team felt they had barely scratched the surface. They needed to go back to the basics – to the beginning. In this sequel, they take themselves back to their formative years, when heavy metal as we know it was still in its cradle. From there they work their way up until the first SDX is picked up. Welcome to the sequel that begins even before the first one began: Area 33 – Origin SDX.

For this SDX, the team returned to Fredrik Thordendal’s personal studio 33 in Stockholm, Sweden. A total of five sets were recorded, each representing a key branch in the lineage of classic hard rock and heavy metal from the late 1960s to the 1980s. But that’s not all.

With two recorded tom configurations for each kit—one open and one muted—this SDX covers every blind spot in between, giving you the raw material to build genre-transcending drum mixes from awesome and thunderous to muted, tight and fast drums for any style. . On top of that, the sets were recorded using microphones that go well beyond traditional ones.

Each setup was recorded using the classic close-mic technique, but in addition with an additional set of microphones at each position. This means that each drum and cymbal is represented by both a mono microphone and a stereo pair of microphones, allowing you to create sounds beyond what you thought possible. Additionally, to capture the stellar character of the 33 drum room, 11 ambiance microphones were recorded (of which seven were in stereo).

The project is the culmination of a group of established drummers being given carte blanche for studio time, an a la carte menu of percussion choices, and the ability to virtually run rampant sampling. Welcome to SDX, rooted in classic rock and heavy metal but transcending any genre limitations.

Close Mic Setup
(This is a basic install of the library featuring all close microphones, primary overhead and ambient microphones.)
USE OBW-File 1-18

Default Mic Setup
(This is a partial install of the library featuring all close, primary overhead, ambience and all room microphones. This is the minimum install for presets to sound as intended.)
USE OBW-File 1-52

Full Mic Setup
(This is the full install of the library featuring all microphones and bleed.)
USE OBW-File 1 -86

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  1. I downloaded the entire package, I have ezdrummer 3 downloaded but the program does not see these files, even though I indicate the path to the folders. The application shows a message about the lack of libraries from the beginning. What should I do?

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