Three Body Tech – Cabinetron v1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Clarify all the missing processes between the amplifier and your ears. Viewing, editing, mixing, equalizer, tone selection, export. Not limited to an IR (impulse response) downloader, Cabinetron will be your one-stop tool for finding all the missing processes between your amplifier and your ears.

Mission One: Sound Quality:

You may have an extensive collection of IR emitters, but don’t waste your precious resources on an IR loader that doesn’t sound good enough.
Believe it or not, every IR booter sounds different, even if they have the same algorithm. And the secret to the difference lies in rounding errors in convolutional DSP codes.
Sound quality always comes first for us. Similar to the adaptive filter topologies we created for Kirchhoff-EQ, we designed a noise-shaping algorithm exclusively for IR convolution to ensure that every IR you have “pushes air” in Cabinetron.

Additional non-linear gain:

A guitar cabinet can be modeled quite well using convolution, since 99% of the cabinet/speaker behavior is linear. But what about the last 1% of nonlinearity?
Not only is Cabinetron a transparent linear IR loader, but it also models the non-linear behavior of voice coil motion inside a magnet. By increasing non-linearity, all your IRs will be more similar to real cabinets, and your tone will sound more “3D”.

  • Auto Gain – automatic balancing of the volume of IR emitters.
  • Extreme optimization – ultra-low processor load.
  • Double precision and special FFT noise shaping – transparent sound quality.
  • Stereo In – Supports stereo input.
  • Doubler – Simulate double tracking with one click.

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