Synth Blade – FUSION (Cinematic Synthwave) (VITAL)

This collection of Vital patches combines Synthwave and Electronica with cinematic tension and character, and retro with modern sound design. FUSION contains a variety of patches with crisp high frequencies, and also provides the ability to control the frequency spectrum using macros, a modulation wheel, or speed control. The same applies to most other effects and modulations.

In this set of presets you’ll find a variety of pads, from drone to distorted and complex, dirty keys and solos with great expression, energetic beats with velocity-dependent transient behavior, stuttering experimental synths and fat, rich bass patches.

  • 100% royalty-free!
  • Works on all Vital compatible DAWs.
  • 25 Premium Presets for Vital
  • SYNTH BLADE Analog Wavetables Vol. 1
  • 8 Vital noise samples

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