SubMission Audio – GroveBass v1.1.0 (KONTAKT)

LeFay Herr SchwarzGroveBass is the first proprietary virtual instrument of its kind. Based on LeFay Herr Schwarz bass guitar samples from Simon Grove (Plini, The Helix Nebula).

Articulations: Finger Alternate, Index Finger, Middle Finger, Dead Note, Slap, Dead Slap, Pop, Dead Pop, Harmonic, Hammer On/Pull Off, Tapping, Slide Trigger

Le Fay Herr Schwarz 5: An exceptionally realistic virtual bass guitar model of Le Fay Herr Schwarz for Kontakt Player, sampled by Simon Grove (Plini, The Helix Nebula).
TruBass Technology: Experience unparalleled realism with our industry-leading TruBass engine, delivering the authentic feel and dynamic performance of a real bass guitar.

17 Performance Articulations: Fingering, slapping, clapping, sliding, ghost notes, hitting, pulling, tapping and more let you recreate even the most complex bass lines.
Intelligent Alternative Selection: Instant, realistic playback with automatic logic-based alternative selection.
Multisampling: Every fret position on the entire instrument has been sampled multiple times, so you can program your performance exactly as a real bass player would.
Raw DI: Clean, unprocessed signal directly from the bass guitar. Treat it the same way you would a normal bass performance (except it’s actually good!).
Pre-Mixed Tones: Instantly enhance your tracks with four professionally created, mix-ready tones designed to seamlessly integrate into any project.
Built-in Mixer: Fine-tune your sound with our built-in mixer. Carefully selected controls create the fastest way to tailor included tones to your music.
Interactive Neck: Visualize your bass lines in real time with an intuitive fretboard display that enhances your connection to the instrument.

truSlides: Fully controlled transitions with variable tempo from any note to any other give you complete control over your performance.
trueLegato: simple logic to automatically turn articulation on/off, allowing you to be creative.

Humanized Control: Bring natural variation to your performance using Humanized Control, adding subtle differences for a more organic sound.

Changing Neck Position: Think of it as a virtual capo, moving your virtual playing position up the fretboard, selecting higher frets and creating a rounder sound – just like in real life.

Force String: Gain complete control over your tone by allowing you to choose exactly which string is used for each note.
Pitch Shift: Increase your range (and vibrato) by up to 12 semitones!

DOOM Mode: A specialized mode that focuses on the most impactful, clear samples at maximum speed for aggressive music styles such as EDM.

Custom Key Mapping: Customize your workflow with custom key mapping, allowing you to assign and access different articulations and techniques on the fly.

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