StudioLinked – Vintage Grand VSTi, AUi WIN.OSX x86 x64

Each studio needs a piano plugin. Vintage Grand can be yours. Get your copy today! Compatible for Windows and Mac 32/64 bit. Comes in both VST and Audio unit formats.

25 Vintage Piano presets

piano – ancient grand
piano – antique grand
piano – apocalypse
piano – asian grand
piano – back in time
piano – broken piano
piano – classic grand
piano – culture grand
piano – drakish keys
piano – drama grand
piano – eightys grand
piano – endless grand
piano – epic grand
piano – filtered grand
piano – ghost piano
piano – history ep
piano – hollywood grand
piano – oldie
piano – rewind time
piano – southside grand
piano – studio love
piano – toxic nights
piano – trap reversed
piano – western saloon
piano – wonder clav

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