Steinberg – SpectraLayers Pro 11 v11.0.10 x64

Steinberg presents an updated version of its software, which is designed to edit the spectral component of sound. It is noted that the new product boasts many new features, including artificial intelligence technology, as well as tools for music, sound design and sound restoration.

It is stated that in addition to the new Unmix Chorus module (allows you to separate lead and backing vocals), the program received the Unmix Crowd Noise module (separates crowd noise from a live performance), opening up more possibilities for mixing “Live” performances. In addition, the software offers an improved Unmix Song algorithm, which automatically separates up to seven individual instruments (effective when mixing stems, drums, multiple voices and more).

In turn, the editor has acquired an AI-powered Voice DeClip algorithm for restoring trimmed speech recordings, according to the developers, it was trained on thousands of trimmed and untrimmed recordings. In addition, the Voice DeNoise function has also been upgraded to better handle excessively noisy content.

Among the innovations: the ability to add files to the batch processing dialog box using drag and drop (with the subsequent selection of the desired export parameters and visualization of the result as a mix or independent layers); a redesigned graphical interface (a new main screen and a compact view of the panels); you can now select multiple layers to merge, duplicate, delete or group them, and simply drag them into a Cubase or Nuendo project in ARA mode; the Transfer Brush tool (moves content between the source and target layers in real time) and the Transient Pencil (for drawing or reconstructing transients directly on the spectrogram).

Supported formats:

  • File import: AAC, AC3, AIFF, ALAC, AU, CAF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, Opus, RAW, WAV, WMA
  • File export: AAC, AC3, AIFF, CAF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, Opus, RAW, WAV
  • Maximum Sample Rate: 384 kHz
  • Maximum Number of Channels: 8
  • Plugin formats: ARA2, AAX
  • Meta Data Editing
  • Markers Editing
  • Maximum Number of Layers: Unlimited

A witch says,

  • No SteinbergLibraryMangager is required (optional).
  • No SteinbergActivationManager is required.
  • Loads faster than the legit version.
  • No compatibility issue with other legitimate Silk and Silk powered apps.

Read included R2R.txt to see how to install.
Read NFO of our emulator to know more about our emulator releases.

Remove the previous version (recommendation from R2R, so at your discretion)

  1. Install the R2RCA.cer certificate

Win+R > enter certmgr.msc > Enter > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates > RMB on “Certificates” > All tasks > import > point to the R2RCA.cer file You can check whether the certificate was installed using the R2RCERTEST.exe file 2. Install Setup Steinberg Silk Emulator v1.2.0.exe 3. Restart the OS 4. Install Setup SpectraLayers v11.0.10.367.exe If you need ARA integration, do not forget to install VST3 Note: If the certificate and emulator (Setup Steinberg Silk Emulator v1.2.0) from R2R are already installed, then skip points #1-3

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