Steinberg – Nuendo 12.0.70 x64

Creating, mixing, recording music is very convenient with the Steinberg Nuendo audio workstation. A rich selection of virtual instruments, the use of advanced technologies and an extensive audio library of ready-made elements for soundtrack design turn the work of sound recording into a creative process that ensures the realization of ideas of any complexity and guarantees high-quality results. Cubase contains all the necessary tools for developing, mixing and recording sound compositions by beginners, and is also applicable for home use.

June 28, 2023 – The Nuendo 12.0.70 maintenance update is now available. With this maintenance update we have improved the VST 3 SDK support for plug-in developers and we integrated some fixes for the track import and the MIDI Remote areas.

We have improved the following features and functionality


Support of the new plug-in replacement process of the VST SDK 3.7.8 has been added.

Track Import

Send FX connections are now working correctly when importing tracks via “Import Tracks from Project” and Track Archives.
MIDI output ports are now correctly set when importing tracks via “Import Tracks from Project” and Track Archives.
Routings to group channels are now properly working when importing tracks via “Import Tracks from Project” and track archives.

MIDI Remote

Mappings for Device Surfaces which have “Label Fields” assigned for the “Piano Keys” item are now persistent.


We have improved the stability when importing track archives using HALion Sonic with content without valid licenses.
We have improved the stability when drawing into the waveform image with multiple clips open in the Sample Editor.

  1. Install Steinberg Library Manager 3.2.20.exe
  2. Install Nuendo
  3. Install Activation Manager Unlocker b6.exe

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