Splash Sound – EPIC PERCUSSION 3 repack (KONTAKT)

EPIC PERCUSSION 3 is a completely new cinematic drum beat tool. Includes 17 solo drums and 3 drum ensembles (nki in the Drum Kits folder)

The new sound source position control system allows you to move any instrument within the stage space.

Full sound control, new “Epicness knob” algorithm that allows you to mix additional samples, 3 microphone positions and built-in effects.
560 built-in rhythm loops for the fastest possible arrangement of rhythm sections.

Streamlined user interface for intuitive access to all instrument functions. The “Epicness knob” algorithm makes the library ideal for both classic orchestral soundtracks and modern aggressive trailers. Just one button allows you to change the sound of the instrument from pure acoustic to hybrid and synthetic.

Samples mixed with the original sound source are specific to each patch. The virtual stage allows you to easily arrange the instruments used in the mix. With just one mouse movement, you can move notes closer to the listener or move high-pitched percussion to the far corner of the stage.

In addition, distance and panorama parameters can be automated, which can be useful when composing music for a trailer. For example, the dramatic effect can be enhanced by decreasing the distance.

Built-in rhythm loops allow you to quickly sketch out the rhythm section of your tracks without distracting from the main idea. We understand how important it is to stay inspired and sketch as quickly as possible.

  1. There is no other version of this library among the people… and it is unlikely that there will be in the foreseeable future.
  2. In the original, the library is in wav samples and weighs 9.58 GB
  3. Nothing has been changed in the repack, but a batch envelope has been made and the samples have been compressed into ncw format, which has reduced the weight of the library by almost 3 times! Now it weighs only 3.33 GB
  4. The developers could do this themselves, but for some reason they stubbornly refuse to.
  5. The quality of the library does not suffer in any way from compression in ncw, and the space savings are quite decent.

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